724.34119/1269: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

66. From Braden. My 61, March 21, 8 p.m. Paraguayan delegation this morning submitted two following proposals. (See Neutral Military Commission map.) (1) Cururenda opposite D’Orbigny along Pilcomayo to Ibibobo thence along hills same name approximate longitude 62–55 and Mandeyapqua hills (junior Paraguayan delegate says Bolivia will hold the heights, in both cases boundary to lie along eastern slopes) thence north to geographical point on Parapiti thence to Ravelo and along northernmost line of separation to Otuquis swamps down it to the triangle which is left to Paraguay.

2. Starting at D’Orbigny north to Parapiti follow it to Matico thence to intersection of longitude 60 with San Miguel River following this and later Iquique to Otuquis swamps down it to triangle which is left to Paraguay. Paraguayan delegation stated this formula gives maximum withdrawal which could be made in the west.

The Brazilian delegate strongly protested both proposals leaving triangle to Paraguay as totally unacceptable and said they would “seriously prejudice friendly relations” between Brazil and Paraguay. Thereupon Zubizarreta replied as follows: They would not make an issue of the triangle.

Junior Paraguayan delegate day before yesterday intimated withdrawal to a line running north from Guachalla might possibly result from negotiations and particularly urged that the Conference keep negotiations alive, be patient, and not reject proposals summarily.

Bolivian delegate yesterday stated that Bolivian Minister at Washington still reports the Department of State holds Bolivia should receive sovereign port. I replied the position of the United States was as stated previously by me that we would be glad for Bolivia to get it, we had already and would continue to exert utmost efforts to that end but repeated again I consider it unobtainable.

Zubizarreta plans to go to Asunción April 2 today urged delegates go there before him. I approved trips as soon as possible providing at least one Paraguayan delegate is in Asunción simultaneously with the mediators. Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs ad interim urged that I go to La Paz next week. I agree time is come for trip but insisted I be accompanied by at least one and preferably two other delegates since we will represent the Conference rather than individual countries. This offers some difficulty since Rodrigues Alves and Ruiz Moreno fear altitude, Barreda does not wish to be disturbed and [Page 100] opposes Cisneros20 going, Santos Munoz21 would be a handicap and we have no Uruguayan representative. I respectfully suggest that you may wish to bring to the attention of the Peruvian Government the advisability of Cisneros accompanying me.

Committee and Alvarado meet with Bolivian delegate tomorrow morning. [Braden.]

  1. Luis Fernán Cisneros, Peruvian delegate.
  2. Pablo Santos Muños, Argentine delegate.