617.003/252: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Long) to the Secretary of State

17. Referring to Department’s telegram No. 11, February 7, 7 p.m. The notes, dated February 8 and to be effective March 10, were exchanged today.

The Foreign Minister took the text suggested but in putting it into Spanish made slight idiomatic changes which he insisted were necessary for linguistic considerations and which do not alter the substance or purport of the text.

The following is a literal translation of the Spanish text of the Foreign Minister, made with close observance of the Spanish idiom:

“I have the honor to refer to the recent conversations had with regard to the desire of the Government of Nicaragua that the trade agreement between the Republic of Nicaragua and the United States of America signed at Managua on March 11, 1936, be modified in certain respects on account of the grave emergency financial condition which it is obliged to face at the present time.

“I now have the honor to confirm and make of record by means of the present note, the agreement which, as a result of the conversations referred to, has been reached between the Government of Nicaragua and the Government of the United States, that the provisions of Article I, those of the first paragraph of Article II, and those of Article III (insofar as relates to Note 1 to Schedule I appended to the agreement) and those of Article V of the above mentioned agreement to of March 11, 1936, shall cease to be in force and have effect from the 10th day of March of the current year, inclusive, forward.

“Furthermore, I have the honor to confirm that while the rate of exchange between the paper cordoba and the gold cordoba will be increased for quarterly returns of collection of customs duties, the Government of Nicaragua does not in reality contemplate an increase in the basic duties specified in Schedule I of the said trade agreement.

“I have the satisfaction of adding that the Government of Nicaragua will be pleased to reopen negotiations with the Government of the United States, as soon as it is possible, for the renewal or replacement of the above mentioned articles of the trade agreement of March 10, 1936”.

[Page 792]

Official report was sent precisely as indicated by the Department in its No. 8 of February 1, 5 p.m., as corrected in No. 9, February 3, 5 p.m.,9 and amplified in No. 10, February 5, 3 p.m.

The Minister’s note was received at 6 p.m., and mine, having already been written, was handed to him as it was, but I can change it in any particular if the Department deems it to be preferable.

Copies of the two texts10 will be forwarded by air mail tomorrow, arriving in Washington Friday the 11th.

  1. Telegram No. 9 not printed.
  2. For the text of the Agreement between the United States and Nicaragua terminating certain provisions of the reciprocal trade agreement of March 11, 1936, signed at Managua, February 8, 1938, see Executive Agreement Series No. 120, or 52 Stat. 1486.