724.34119/1249: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

49. From Braden. Committee under my chairmanship appointed this afternoon to pursue intensive territorial boundary negotiations. In my opinion this means that for the first time in over 2 years an intelligent incisive effort can now be made to reach a final solution and very shortly we should know whether or not it is possible of accomplishment at this time.

Mediatory delegates in today’s session gave what should have been an ample and satisfactory answer to Paraguayan delegation regarding their protest. Conference explanation will be confirmed in note to them accompanied by minutes of today’s discussion. This should close the obstruction in which case we would be blocked under any circumstances. The Paraguayan delegation taking the role of injured innocence pretended they did not understand our explanation but concluded by saying Conference note when received would be submitted to their Government for decision as to what if anything else was to be done respecting this incident.

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Justo today told Brazilian delegate he was reluctant to accept active presidency because he hoped to leave for Europe within a month but that in the meantime he would attend Conference meetings and give every assistance it requested. This would be helpful but I have expressed my firm conviction to his advisers that under his Chairmanship treaty terms would be agreed upon within 30 days. The Argentine President will put strong pressure on him tomorrow and Rodrigues Alves and I are scheduled to see him again Thursday. His confidential secretary believes he will accept. [Braden.]