812.52/2800: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico (Boal) to the Secretary of State

246. Yepis’ telegram June 3, 5 p.m., and my telephone conversation with Department. I have just seen General Hay and pointed out that American owners in Yaqui Valley are entitled to consideration of their legal rights under colonization contracts. Furthermore that Ambassador Castillo Nájera had taken certain propositions regarding the Yaqui Valley situation to Washington which I understood were under discussion. Accordingly reported action of the Mexican Government to give definitive dotations of Yaqui Valley lands tomorrow might appear in the nature of creating a fait accompli during negotiations. I suggested that it would be preferable to defer decision on any such action until it had been determined what arrangement could be reached between the two Governments regarding the Yaqui Valley situation. I pointed out that if the adjustment which had been contemplated by the Mexican Government of granting compensation for lands and immediately repurchasing them were to be carried out it would seem preferable that any definitive dotations should be made at the time of this action rather than before it.

General Hay said that he would immediately take up the matter in an effort to hold up the proposed dotations.