The Minister in Haiti (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

No. 199

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my telegram No. 65, June 15, 12 noon, 1938, and to transmit herewith a copy and translation of Haitian Foreign Office note dated June 14, 1938, and its enclosures requesting the extension for another year of the moratorium which resulted from the Accord of January 13, 1938.

Respectfully yours,

Ferdinand L. Mayer

The Haitian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Léger) to the American Minister (Mayer)

Mr. Minister: The economic and financial situation of the Republic of Haiti, not having been modified to any extent since my letter of January 11, 1938, and the economic perspective for the fiscal year 1938–39 not leaving grounds for hope that any notable betterment may come about, my Government finds itself obliged to ask your Government to be good enough to prolong the stipulation of the Accord of January 13, 1938, for a new period of time, running from October 1, 1938, to September 30, 1939.

The world market for coffee has scarcely changed and the situation is still the same as that depicted in my letter of January 11. From that date to today prices have not been maintained at the levels which we hoped for and in consequence the fiscal receipts for the current [Page 597]year will attain with difficulty the sum of Gdes. 28,000,000 in spite of the fact that I had foreseen Gdes. 28,690,000 in my letter.

The Haitian Government has realized the economies in its budget to which it engaged itself January 11, 1938, and naturally will take the necessary measures to face its expenses during the end of the present fiscal year by means of its available funds. It is evident that in these conditions the treasury will not possess any appreciable reserve at the begining of the next fiscal year.

The office of the Fiscal Representative estimates the ways and means of the next fiscal year at the sum of Gdes. 29,189,000. This sum is clearly insufficient to permit the Government to maintain the administrative services necessary to public order, and its economic stability, and at the same time to assure the full amortization of the loan of 1922.

In begging your Government to accept to prolong its Accord of January 13, 1938, for the period of one year, the Haitian Government confirms its determination to continue to execute during the period of the prolongation all the engagements expressed in my letter of January 11, 1938.

I have the honor to enclose, under this cover, a copy of a letter from the Fiscal Representative dated today,26 addressed to the Secretary of State for Finance concerning the estimates of receipts, during the fiscal year 1938–39.

I seize the occasion [etc.]

Georges N. Léger
  1. Printed in Foreign Bondholders Protective Council, Inc., Annual Report, 1938 (New York, 1939), p. 730.