838.51/3537: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

16. De la Rue requests the following sent to the Under Secretary:

“We have not the funds in bank nor any assurance that funds will become available during the balance of this month sufficient to permit salaries to be paid Government employees and the Garde allocation made on February 1, next. In order to avoid unilateral action which Government to date has not suggested but which the emergency in my opinion otherwise might cause them to suggest, it is necessary that the accord be approved and signed and that a law be thereafter voted by Permanent Legislative Committee which will authorize this office not to transfer contractual sinking fund payment already set aside for January 15. If this amount is not transferred and can be used to supplement receipts we believe we will be able to meet salaries and Garde payments. Legally we must transfer it unless otherwise authorized in time to have law voted and promulgated. Urgently recommend that signature of accord be authorized and that Leger make his explanations immediately to the Protective Council but that these two matters be separated so that we may proceed here without delay which otherwise would be unavoidable. We are unable to give figures on budget and tax structure changes which are in process of formation although we have been working day and night in full accord with Cabinet and Permanent Legislative Council, but this work is not completed and cannot be completed much before tomorrow night. Consequently new reports and estimates cannot be made available in detail for purposes of Protective Council until next week. Under these conditions Leger can do nothing more than advise them of the emergency and of the principles incorporated in Haitian note and proposed accord.”