838.51/3519: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

167. Department’s 82, December 24, 1 p.m. We fully understand and share the Department’s point of view as expressed in paragraph 2. We keep this continually in mind in our dealing with this matter.

Meanwhile Pixley and I have been in constant touch working toward the end in view. In a conversation with President Vincent yesterday Pixley felt that he had made considerable progress in bringing the whole matter forefully and clearly to President Vincent’s mind. Pixley was hopeful that the President was finally beginning to appreciate the illusory nature of Leger’s mission and the necessity for immediate constructive action here. At the same time Pixley and I both feel that the question of effecting economies in governmental expenditure and the imposition of new taxes is a very delicate matter at this period of political uncertainty. As the Department understands the several factors in the whole picture here in Haiti are so inter-related that it appears necessary [apparent omission] with the greatest caution with respect to any one of these factors so that the whole structure may not collapse.

In all the circumstances I heartily concur in De la Rue’s desire to return at once to Haiti. As De la Rue has no doubt informed the Department, President Vincent approved this idea and De la Rue expects to arrive here Wednesday. If he were to return to the United States he will have additional up to date local background to assist him in whatever steps are necessary.

In his conversations with President Vincent, Pixley found him so cooperative that it did not appear necessary for me to participate.