710.H Continental Solidarity/43: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Tuck ) to the Acting Secretary of State

316. With reference to Embassy’s despatch No. 2266 of October 27, 1938, Minister for Foreign Affairs sent me today his project relative to meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs which he intends to put forward at Lima Conference. He adds that the terms of the project may be subject to modification provided the fundamental principle is not altered.

“The Governments represented at the Eighth Inter-American Conference,

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Whereas: that apart from the system of consultation stipulated in the convention signed at Buenos Aires for the maintenance of, preservation and reestablishment of peace, it is mutually advantageous to establish a more effective contact in the event that situations should arise the scope of which may not be contemplated in that convention and which, in view of definite circumstances, it might be advisable to consider in common; that it is also fitting to promote direct mutual knowledge among the American Republics as well as the study of political, economic, cultural and any other problems; that to this end it is appropriate when a situation arises which may affect America directly or indirectly, that the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of its various Republics meet in one of its capitals; that besides the meetings referred to above, it is also advisable that other meetings of a regional character be held by the said Ministers in order to consider problems deriving from situations of closer proximity.


That the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the American Republics, when they deem it advisable, hold meetings in the various capitals of those Republics, in rotation and without giving formal character to such meetings.
That besides these general meetings, it is considered advisable, for the purposes indicated in the fourth introductory clause, that the Foreign Ministers hold meetings of a regional character in order to consider matters which concern them by reason of closer proximity.
Should they be unable to attend such meetings, the Ministers for Foreign Affairs shall be represented by special delegates.
These meetings shall be arranged by mutual agreement and at the initiative of any American country.”

Repeated to Panama for delegation.