710.H Continental Solidarity/26: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Tuck) to the Secretary of State

313. In conversation this afternoon with the Minister of Foreign Affairs he made particular reference to his own recent declaration concerning President Roosevelt’s statement at the press conference of November 15.

The reaction of the local press to the President’s statement was contained in the Embassy’s despatches numbers 2299 and 2300 of November 1873 which also referred to Dr. Cantilo’s views as reported in the press.

Doctor Cantilo told me in substance that while his Government believed in a policy of continental solidarity and collaboration, and desired [Page 44] to maintain complete cooperation in all Pan American problems, it could not at the same time turn its back on Europe. He was of the opinion that Argentina should continue its traditional policy of assisting the sister nations of the continent, but would find it difficult to subscribe to military pacts or engagements which might give the impression of drawing away from friendly European nations.

He added that while this point was not included on the agenda at Lima, he felt that it would be necessary to clarify his Government’s attitude when the Conference met.

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