710.H Continental Solidarity/12

The Chargé in Colombia (Greene) to the Secretary of State
No. 2440

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith the text as published in the press and an English translation of a statement given to the United Press by President Santos late yesterday. This was published in prominent positions in all of the morning newspapers, whether United Press subscribers or not.

As the Department will note, the statement of President Santos is closely connected with that of President Roosevelt issued two days ago, the latter of which has received thoroughly favorable comment in all of the newspapers and from officials and other persons in Bogotá with whom I have had occasion to talk.

Respectfully yours,

Winthrop S. Greene
Text of Statement of President Santos as Published in “El Liberal” of November 17, 1938

The harmonious action of all the countries of America for the defense of the independence and the liberties of the continent not only is opportune but necessary. Loyally understood and practiced, it can give America’s international policy a most noble aspect and constitute an efficacious guarantee for all. The Monroe Doctrine, which in its time was a decisive factor in the independence of the New World, which later was looked upon with suspicion as a synonym for undesirable tutelage, and which today has certain anachronisms in that much in it that was good has been accomplished and that its unilateral nature was not sufficiently effective within the limits of present American realities, can and should be renewed by this new doctrine of solidarity of common defense which is based upon mutual respect, sincere equality and faithfulness to the principles of right.

So, with an attitude of firm frankness, the principle of collective security, a guarantee of peace and international justice which cannot be substituted, can live fruitfully in this hemisphere. Everything counsels the peoples of America to follow this path and Colombia is prepared to do so.

Eduardo Santos

President of Colombia