824.6363 St2/294

The Acting Chief of the Division of the American Republics (Briggs) to Mr. T. R. Armstrong of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey

My Dear Mr. Armstrong: Reference is made to your letter of November 16, 1938, and to subsequent correspondence, regarding the [Page 329] charges of illegal exchange transactions which have been brought against the Standard Oil Company of Bolivia.

The Department has now received a complete report dated November 29, 19386 from the Legation in La Paz. As you are undoubtedly familiar with the steps taken by the Company’s representatives to obtain evidence to refute these charges, I do not believe it will be necessary to review them here.

Mr. Caldwell reports that on November 14, 1938 the attorney for the Company presented a definitive reply accompanied by a photostatic copy of the accounts covering the period in question which had been obtained from Buenos Aires as those now in the possession of the Y. P. F. B. were not complete. These accounts show the origin and nature of each check purchased and have been presented at the Central Bank for certification.

The Minister adds that the verification by the Central Bank has not yet been received and that he is not able to say if or when the Comptroller General may make a decision.

Sincerely yours,

Ellis O. Briggs
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