710.H Agenda/101: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Nicholson)

56. Your 88, September 6, 11 a.m. You may inform the Minister of Foreign Affairs confidentially that in principle this Government is inclined to believe that the existing inter-American treaties, and specifically the conventions and resolutions adopted at the Buenos Aires Conference for the Maintenance of Peace, form a satisfactory foundation for inter-American relationships and that these various agreements might best be modified or supplemented as experience demonstrates such amendment or implementation to be desirable.

The draft treaty proposed by Colombia and the Dominican Republic provides for completely new relationships both practically and juridically and it would seem to this Government essential that such a farreaching change in inter-American organization should undergo a thorough study over a protracted period by all the governments to determine whether the project could be reconciled and coordinated with the constitutional and statutory laws of the respective nations as well as with the existing peace treaties now in effect.

Please make clear to the Minister of Foreign Affairs that this Government does not wish to attempt to influence the opinions of other governments but that inasmuch as he had shown us the courtesy of requesting our views we are glad to communicate to him confidentially our general attitude.