710.H Agenda/77: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Daniels ) to the Secretary of State

334. Foreign Office press release through DAPP states Mexico will present at Lima a proposal for an additional protocol to the Buenos Aires Convention of December 23, 1936 on good offices and mediation.45 Proposal provides for mediation by powers or states.

In explaining proposal release states certain former pacts provided for mediation by powers but Buenos Aires pact provides for mediation by eminent citizens. It refers to 1937 mediation by states of Honduras–Nicaragua dispute46 and asserts “success” of that mediation proves need for mediation by states, also saying further mediation effected under international law. Full report and text follow by mail.

The implication could be drawn that this is a move giving the assent of upholding the hand of the United States and legalizing its action in Honduras–Nicaragua dispute. It is possible that Mexico intends to reject arbitration of our agrarian claims47 but seeks to appear a friend of mediation as a counter measure.

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