710.H Agenda/44

The Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery) to the Secretary of State
No. 515

Sir: Referring to recent reports regarding the meeting held on April 11th at the Itamaraty,31 I have the honor to report that the Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs, during the April 11th meeting made several observations of interest with regard to the agenda of the Lima Conference. He said that he would like to make it clear that Brazil is opposed to any sort of an Inter-American Court of Arbitration. He said also that Brazil does not see the need for the formation of an Inter-American League of Nations. He spoke also on the question of armaments and intimated that he believes that armament discussion should center around a declaration of principle rather than an attempt to effect actual reduction in armaments under existing world conditions.

Respectfully yours,

Jefferson Caffery
  1. Brazilian Foreign Office.