725.3515/13: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Armour) to the Secretary of State

57. At a dinner last night given by the President of Chile for the Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs both the Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs informed me that the two Governments have agreed to submit to arbitration the question of the ownership of the islands at the eastern end of the Beagle Canal.

As sole arbitrator they have agreed upon the Chief Justice of the United States and their respective Ambassadors in Washington have been instructed to see Mr. Hughes today and request him to act. They would in every particular appreciate your supporting their request with the Chief Justice explaining that the procedure will be very simple: each Government to submit through its Embassy at Washington a simple brief without argument.

As they desire to sign the protocol tomorrow prior to Cantilo’s1 departure Thursday, a reply if possible before tonight is requested.

  1. José María Cantilo, Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs.