The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Peru ( Dreyfus )
No. 163

Sir: Reference is made to the Embassy’s despatch no. 575 dated August 6, 1938,14 transmitting a copy of the invitation dated August 2, 1938, from the Peruvian Government to the United States to participate in the Eighth International Conference of American States at Lima on December 9, 1938. There is enclosed a reply accepting the invitation on behalf of this Government, which you are requested to deliver at an early opportunity to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. You may wish to emphasize to Dr. Concha the importance which this Government and I personally attach to the forthcoming conference and reiterate the willingness and earnest desire of this Government to collaborate whole-heartedly with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Peruvian Government in making the conference a success.

It would seem desirable that the invitation, as well as the acceptance, be given publicity, and an inquiry has been made to a member of the Peruvian Embassy as to the possibility of making the two notes available to the press simultaneously in Lima and Washington. The Department has not yet received a reply to this inquiry and you might wish to mention the matter to Dr. Concha.

Very truly yours,

Cordell Hull
The Secretary of State to the Peruvian Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Concha )

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency’s courteous communication of August 2, 1938 by which [Page 11] you so kindly extended on behalf of the Government of Peru an invitation to the Government of the United States to participate in the Eighth International Conference of American States which will be held in Lima on December 9, 1938. I hasten to accept on behalf of my Government Your Excellency’s kind invitation, and I can assure you that it will afford my Government the greatest satisfaction and pleasure to participate at this important conference. I shall be glad to communicate to you at a later date the names of the representatives of my Government.

As Your Excellency so clearly points out, the grave problems confronting the world today afford the American Republics, united by a common ideal, an opportunity to set an example to the world through the creation of new bonds of solidarity and friendship. My Government is confident that the Lima Conference will carry one step further the American ideal of an international society devoted to the spirit of fraternity and cordial understanding.

The American nations have collaborated at inter-American conferences for many years with a view to the mutual improvement of their respective political, commercial, social, and cultural life. The American nations have made an important contribution to the cause of world peace by the elaboration of an inter-American society based upon respect for the independence, sovereignty, and political equality of nations.

Events in other parts of the world have emphasized recently the extent to which some nations have wavered from the orderly and friendly relations which should prevail between neighbors. The nations of the world are faced with the issue of determining whether relations shall be characterized by international anarchy and lawlessness or by the principles of fair play, justice and order under law. No nation and no government can avoid the issue; neither can any nation avoid participation, willing or not, in the responsibility of determining which course of action shall prevail.

The peoples of the American Republics have inherited the high hopes of their liberating fathers. The American peoples still have an abiding faith in the Americas and there is an imperative need to maintain unimpaired the American system. This cannot be done by any one nation but only through cooperation and friendly collaboration of all the American Republics. It is therefore with a sense of real pride that the representatives of the American Republics will meet as guests of Your Excellency’s Government for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of an orderly international life based upon principles of morality and justice and in accordance with the well-established precepts of international law.

[Page 12]

My Government welcomes the opportunity to join with the other American Republics in the capital city of your great country for the purpose of collaborating for the common good, the strengthening of traditional ties, and the elaboration of measures for their mutual benefit. The Program for the forthcoming Conference offers abundant opportunity for the American nations to consider further means of guaranteeing peaceful continental neighborly life, and of solving the many existing important questions of a political, juridical, and economic character. You may be assured that the Government of the United States will collaborate to the fullest extent with your Government and the governments of the other republics at the forthcoming Conference.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull
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