The British Embassy to the Department of State


On October 17th the Chinese Ambassador in London, acting on instructions, requested that His Majesty’s Government should implement their commitments under relevant League of Nations Resolutions [Page 625] by immediate and positive action against Japan. They might declare an embargo on the export of arms and raw materials, or they might apply pressure to that same end on manufacturers particularly in regard to aeroplanes, steel and oil. The Ambassador said that some time ago the United States Government had made known its attitude that aeroplanes should not be sold to Japan; and the Department of Commerce had discouraged traders from giving credit. The effect of these measures had been appreciable, and it was understood that further administrative steps of a similar nature were in contemplation. The Ambassador hoped that it might be possible for His Majesty’s Government to take parallel action to the same purpose in consultation with the United States Government.

It would be greatly appreciated if His Majesty’s Government could be furnished with details regarding the actions or intentions of the United States Government in the directions mentioned by the Chinese Ambassador in London.