The Chinese Ambassador (C. T. Wang) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Acting under instructions of the Chinese Government, I have the honor to convey to you the following communication:

Since the beginning of the Japanese military aggression in China not a day has passed without the Japanese aircraft severely bombing Chinese open towns and inflicting heavy loss to the civilian life. For the past several days the Japanese airplanes have continuously raided Canton, one of the most populous cities in China and deliberately bombed and machine-gunned residential sections of the city far from any military objectives killing and wounding several thousand non-combatants including a great number of women and children. The action was indeed savagely cruel and the scenes were indescribably appalling.

It may be recalled that on September 28, 1937, the Assembly of the League of Nations by a resolution7 declared that no excuse could be found for the aerial bombardment of open towns in China by the Japanese aircraft which had aroused horror and indignation throughout the world and solemnly condemned such action. The bombing of [Page 614] Canton at present has proved even more daring, barbarous and disastrous than any of the previous visitations by the Japanese aircraft. And it is certain that if the Japanese are allowed to go their own way, such air raids will yet be repeated over Canton and other cities with even more terrible loss of human life.

China once more appeals to the conscience of the world. It is the earnest wish of the Chinese Government that on humanitarian if on no other grounds the American Government and other Governments take such urgent and effective measures as will make Japan cease the wholesale slaughter of human beings by aerial bombardment.

Accept [etc.]

Chengting T. Wang
  1. For League resolution of September 27, 1937, see ibid., p. 506.