893.01 Provisional/163: Telegram

The Second Secretary of Embassy in China ( Smyth ) to the Secretary of State

179. My 178, November 2 [3], 2 p.m.96 The conference closed yesterday morning with a 2-hour session at which Liang Hung Chih made a brief speech, Wang Keh Min read the joint “manifesto” and Wen Chung Yao made a speech.97

A brief summary of the manifesto follows:

[Page 369]

China has long been known as a righteous and cultured country, but during the regime of Chiang Kai Shek military power was misused and the people mistreated. Chiang united with the Communists to save himself and then commenced war, which, combined with his “scorched earth” policy, has resulted in great destruction of lives and property. Canton and Hankow have now fallen but he still continues upon one [war?], disregarding the sacrifice of the lives and property of his countrymen. Our country cannot be saved unless Communists are exterminated, Communists cannot be exterminated unless Chiang is overthrown, and peace cannot be attained unless Communists are exterminated and Chiang is overthrown. Peace depends upon our answer and we must arise and save ourselves.

In a joint press interview yesterday Liang Hung Chih and Wang Keh Min stated that: the general views of the conference are set forth in the joint manifesto; we have three principal tasks, namely, to work against communism, to overthrow Chiang, and to wake up our brothers and struggle for the establishment of a new China; if we are to save the country, we must overthrow Chiang and communism; the situation of the new Central Government has not been settled in this conference but will be taken up soon; relations will be established with regimes in other places from which Chiang has been or will be driven out; it is still too early to discuss definitely the participation of Mongolia and Sinkiang in our conference. Questioned as to possible peace plans, they replied “we must cultivate leading persons who can maintain peace and order.” No definite statement was made in regard to the date of the next conference.

It is believed here that the new Central Government, if and when established, will be located in Nanking. Reports are current here this new Central Government will be recognized by Japan, “Manchukuo”, Germany and Italy, and that the new government will request all powers concerned to give up extraterritorial rights and withdraw troops from China.

Wang Keh Min and other Peiping delegates left today for Shanghai and it is understood that they will fly to Peiping tomorrow.

Sent to Shanghai, and Peiping.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Members of Japanese-sponsored regimes at Peiping and at Nanking.