893.48/1609: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Shanghai (Gauss)

Following for Tokyo:

“268, August 4, 3 p.m. Your 509, August 2, 9 p.m.,50 in regard to refugee zones at Hankow and Wuchang.

Your action in making available to the Foreign Office the text of the communication from the Refugee Zone Committee is approved.
The Department desires that American officials scrupulously avoid any responsibility to the Chinese or Japanese for the observance by either of assurances given by the other in connection with the establishment of refugee zones.
On the other hand, the Department would not wish to take the position of discouraging any attempt by private individuals to procure the establishment of safety zones.
With the above considerations in mind the Department desires that American officials in China and Japan, in their discretion, extend appropriate informal and unofficial assistance to the Wuhan Refugee Zone Committee.”

Repeat to Hankow.

  1. Not printed.