793.94/13183: Telegram

The Consul General at Canton (Linnell) to the Secretary of State

Department’s June 9, 6 p.m.60 Official estimates by 4th Route Army Headquarters of civilian casualties caused by Japanese bombing Canton: May 28th over 1500, May 29th over 500, May 30th about 1300, May 31st 234, June 1st no damage, June 2nd nearly 100, June 3rd 102, June 4th about 2000, June 5th about 100, June 6th more than 2000, June 7th approximately 100, June 8th approximately 225, June 9th approximately 104, total casualties nearly 8,685. It is still impossible to get exact figures of killed and wounded as bodies are still being removed from ruins. The above figures are believed perhaps somewhat exaggerated but total probably nearly figures given.

Sent to Hankow, Shanghai, Tokyo.

  1. Not printed.