The Chinese Embassy to the Department of State

In response to the inquiries from the foreign correspondents, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek issued today a statement reviewing the political and military situation. The following is a gist of the statement.

In the past eleven months the armed resistance has fortified our nation’s determination to fight and simultaneously augmented our faith in the final triumph. In the first place, the whole nation is solidly united as never before. The evidence of unity can be seen everywhere. Even those who were formerly dissatisfied with the Kuomintang (National Party) are one and all supporting the National Government [Page 196] and taking part in the armed resistance. Secondly, China’s military strength has been considerably increased since the outbreak of hostilities. The Chinese army’s fighting strength is more than doubled; its armaments are considerably improved in quality and increased in quantity. China’s resistance will last as long as the Japanese continue the campaign of aggression. Thirdly, the topographical advantages henceforth will be more with China than with Japan. The crux of the military situation is not found in the success or failure of defending a particular city or area. What is vital is the ability to pick advantageous battlefields where we could reduce the enemy’s main strength. Our withdrawals are dictated by the necessity to avoid unnecessary sacrifices. At the same time we have been forcing the Japanese to give battle on the fields we have chosen. This tactics is essential to the success of prolonged resistance.

The Generalissimo then stressed upon the paramount necessity for the friendly nations to fulfill their treaty obligations by giving China positive assistance. That the Japanese fighting forces have bombed non-combatants, slaughtered prisoners of war, and even employed poison are well-known facts. The treaty obligations require that the friendly Powers oppose the aggression openly and in so doing they merely exercise their treaty rights. If these nations could resort to the application of sanctions, not only would the innocent Chinese people’s suffering be lessened, but the security of future peace of mankind and human justice enhanced.