841.4061 Motion Pictures/98: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

90. Your 42, January 31, 9 p.m. I saw Sir Alexander Cadogan15 yesterday afternoon at my request and presented to him as strongly as I could our views in regard to the impending film legislation. I was closely guided in my remarks by the Department’s telegram and left with the Under Secretary a memorandum statement of those views. In talking to him I pointed out that the British representatives in Washington had many months ago been clearly told by our people that the question of films would be brought up in the trade negotiations and that I did not see how my Government could accept as valid a refusal on the part of the British to take appropriate action within the scope of the trade agreement by reason of recently adopted legislation in Great Britain. I endeavored to emphasize the importance of the time factor and the suggestion that, if possible, the enactment of this new legislation could be delayed so as to afford full opportunity for discussion between the two trade agreement delegations or by Ambassador Kennedy with the appropriate British authorities in London. I told Cadogan that the question was one of extreme interest to my Government and that I felt it most unfortunate that any element of jeopardy should be [enter?] so comprehensive an issue as our trade agreement negotiations through failure to recognize the importance which the United States attaches to a satisfactory solution of the film problem. I reminded him that various provisions of films bill had been discussed by the Embassy with Sir William Brown and other officials of the Board of Trade but that it seemed to me that the matter was now very largely in the hands of the political head of [Page 12]the Board of Trade, Mr. Oliver Stanley. I suggested to him that, provided the Foreign Office had no objection, it might be useful if I could have a talk with Stanley. Cadogan said that he would be very glad to transmit my memorandum to the Board of Trade and would let me know whether the meeting could be arranged.

  1. British Deputy Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.