867N.01/1111: Telegram

The Consul General at Jerusalem (Wadsworth) to the Secretary of State

Department’s July 12, 6 p.m. Jewish telegraphic agency cabled yesterday from Haifa “hundreds of outraged Jewish-American citizens” had appealed to me for protection and intercession with authorities for increased guard for Jewish busses traveling Arab quarters between residential and business sections of city.

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This telegram is based on letter written me by leading Haifa Jewish-American in which he stated appeal was supported by “a number of American citizens” of which he listed nine. I have forwarded appeal to the Government with suggestion that should such citizens arrange to travel by special conveyance, armed guards be made available for their protection.

I have also received and forwarded with full endorsement appeal by Hadassah that extensive property of school with 120 children maintained by Junior Hadassah Meiersheffeyah near Haifa in exposed situation and with only three armed guards be afforded further special protection.

Tension in Haifa area is reliably reported materially lessened and since dispatch my telegram July 9, 10 a.m., extensive campaign Jewish leaders has been largely successful in reestablishing observance of policy of restraint. There is however still fear of Arab counter action and further Revisionist reprisals.