Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. J. Rives Childs of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

Participants: The Netherlands Minister.
Mr. Murray.
Mr. Alling.
Mr. Childs.

The Netherlands Minister called for the purpose of obtaining information regarding our attitude toward the anticipated French proposals for the raising of the import tariff in Morocco and the introduction of quotas.

He was informed that our attitude had been conveyed recently to the French and British Governments, as well as to the Belgian Embassy at its request, and that we would be glad to let him have a copy of the outline of the Department’s views as made in a note to the Belgian Ambassador.

Asked as to the attitude of the Netherlands Government in the matter the Minister stated that, so far as he knew, the position of his Government was in general more or less that of the Belgian Government as communicated in a recent note to the Department.

The Minister expressed his appreciation of the information given him and, at the request of Mr. Murray, promised to acquaint the latter with any information he might receive further concerning the position of his Government in respect of the Moroccan customs régime.