781.003/72: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bullitt) to the Secretary of State

132. Your 32, January 22, 11 a.m. Memorandum was presented to Coursier, Assistant Chief of Africa–Levant Section in charge of Moroccan affairs at the Foreign Office, yesterday afternoon. He said that as regards the adoption of a quota system in Morocco the French Government looked at the matter in the same spirit as that reflected in our memorandum. It was thoroughly understood between the British and the French that any agreement they might arrive at concerning quotas for Morocco would be subject to the approval of the other interested governments, particularly the United States. He said that it was the intention of the French Government as soon as agreement had been reached with the British on quotas to inform us and ask for our views. He said that the British delegation to negotiate a trade agreement between the two countries respecting Morocco is expected in Paris on January 31 and that in view of the progress already made he thought it should not take long to conclude the negotiations.

Coursier said that the French Government hoped that they could negotiate a convention with us regarding capitulations first and then following up with a commercial treaty as they were doing with the British. We replied that our main interest in the matter was the safeguarding of our economic rights in Morocco and that our Government was of the opinion that negotiations should be simultaneous as regards a convention relating to capitulations and a convention of commerce and navigation.

Copies to London and Tangier.