862.014/367: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary of State

47. Germany does not wish to acquire Liberia but looks forward to getting back her colonies, I am confidentially informed by German Consul General. Chief contributory grounds for Liberia’s undesirability: (a) country’s geography, as it is situated between British and French possessions; (b) Germany’s knowledge and appreciation of historic interest of United States in Liberia because of 15 million American Negroes.

Germany’s strenuous efforts to place young physicians for training in Liberia and elsewhere on west coast are prompted by an eagerness to provide medical officers qualified to cope with tropical diseases when Germany comes in possession of colonies according to Consul General.

German representative called at American Legation, ostensibly to enlist my aid in winning President’s approval for issuance of a permit to practice to a visiting German physician who hopes to take over office [Page 839]of fellow national soon to go on leave of absence. Circumstances under which assurance was voluntarily and unequivocally given me vis-à-vis Germany’s attitude toward Liberia created the impression that Consul General was acting under instructions.49

  1. For an account of Liberian fears of Germany, see Mr. Villard’s report, November 6, p. 824.