882.635 Neep/71: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Wharton) to the Secretary of State

35. I have informed President Barclay in strict confidence as suggested in first three paragraphs your telegram No. 22, May 18, 8 p.m. He states that his impressions with respect to unexplained and protracted [Page 795] delay of Neep in furnishing reports and samples is similar to that of Department. He commented that some time ago Müller and Company tried to get iron concession but was refused by Liberian Government.

I have not found any substantiation for report that concession has been granted. President informs me that the concession has not been signed and no likelihood of its being signed unless Neep meets Government’s conditions.

In addition to failure to furnish technical information President says that he is still not assured that Neep has sufficient capital to undertake development, that he must be definitely satisfied as to nationality of capital and that he desires a clear understanding on harbor project.

He adds that he is strongly inclined to employ independent engineer preferably an American, that he has not pushed matter because of lack of appropriation but is seeking funds to meet costs.

Referring to your clause (a) paragraph 4 he has given me copy of undated and unsigned analysis of 13 drilling cores from 1 drilling hole which he received on 9th instant and which I am forwarding by air mail. This briefly states 8 meter layer of excellent ore struck at 31.65 meters depth but with high percentage phosphor; then about 10 meter layer low iron percentage; no iron from 48 to 109 meters gneiss; then fair percentage iron to 151 but on low side with far too high phosphor; 151 to 158 a 7¼ layer of excellent ore with right [eight?] percent phosphor; gneiss entered at 169 meters drilling stopped.

Your clause (b), no. I have requested again copy of the report promised referred to in my 8, February 4, 2 p.m. and my letter of March 25.23 President once more says report not yet translated. Buchanan24 returned to Monrovia several weeks ago.

  1. Latter not found in Department files.
  2. Thomas Eric Buchanan, Liberian Diplomatic Agent.