Memorandum by Mr. Henry S. Villard of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

Mr. Lester A. Walton, our Minister to Liberia, told me today that in a conversation at the White House, President Roosevelt had displayed great interest in the progress of Liberia and had indicated it might be possible to send American Government experts to Liberia for the purpose of assisting that country in various internal matters. Mr. Walton said that the Liberians were particularly interested in obtaining experts on agriculture, public health, and geological affairs. American officials experienced in these subjects would be warmly welcomed in Liberia and could doubtless do a great deal in an advisory capacity.

I told Mr. Walton that we would look into the subject and that if it were found possible to obtain the services of such Government experts, we would let him know. He would then informally indicate to President Barclay our position in the matter, after which, if the possibilities were favorable, we could expect a formal request from the Liberian Government for the assistance of such experts.