882.635 Neep/31: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary of State

3. For McBride. Liberian Government, through Minister at Paris, has made proposal that Amsterdamscher Bank of Holland become trustee of Neep2 stock with the understanding that at no time would less than 60% be owned by other than the nationals of the Netherlands or Liberia.

Neep desirous that provision be changed from 60 to 51%. Government obdurate. Neep has failed to answer questions referred to in my telegram No. 67, December 6.3

Despite stalemate, Neep is building a road from Kumiberg to the Bong Mountains area. Belgian drillers are ascertaining potential supply of iron ore, which information would be a determining factor in dealing with transportation problem.

  1. Abbreviation for Noord Europeesche Erts En Pyriet Maatschappy, the Netherlands company interested in a mineral concession in Liberia.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1937, vol. ii, p. 854.