891.6363 Amiranian/51a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Iran (Engert)

28. To be decoded by Engert and to be divulged to no one:

Seaboard Oil Company has informed the Department that it has decided to terminate its concessions in Iran and Afghanistan. Hart38 will proceed to Teheran and Clapp39 to Kabul within the next week or two from Baghdad where they now are in order to give the two governments formal notification of the decision. Inasmuch as the decision may cause adverse effects, especially in Teheran, it will probably be necessary for you to remain there until the situation becomes clarified. Bearing in mind the difficulties which Dubois experienced in leaving Iran some years ago at the time the Ulen concession was terminated,40 the Department desires you to consider possible ways and means of assisting Amiranian’s American employees in departing from the country in the event that the Iranian Government should attempt to impede their movements.
Referring to your 39, April 25, 1 p.m.,41 these developments will probably obviate the necessity of your consulting at the Department and visiting Kabul. Pending further developments, however, it will be necessary to ask you to defer all plans for leave.

  1. Charles C. Hart.
  2. Frederick C. Clapp.
  3. In October, 1932, Arthur W. Dubois, manager of Ulen & Co., was refused an exit visa by the Iranian Government unless he first transferred his power of attorney to another representative. He was granted the visa after a strong protest by the United States.
  4. Not printed.