111.23/76: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran (Moose) to the Secretary of State

105. From Murray. The Shah has indicated his desire to receive me in audience on October 6 when I shall deliver the President’s letter which will be read to him in Persian translation prepared by the Legation’s interpreter.

At my suggestion Moose discussed yesterday with the Acting Foreign Minister the all important question of interpreters and suggested that the exceptionally competent interpreter of this Legation be permitted to accompany me during the audience although the Shah has generally refused since the abolition of the capitulations 10 years ago to allow Legation interpreters to enter his presence.

While the Acting Foreign Minister was entirely agreeable to the above suggestion in view of the unusual character of my visit and since there are no competent English interpreters either at the Palace or in the Foreign Office, the Shah disapproved. The conversation with His Majesty will accordingly be conducted in French and the Acting Foreign Minister will act as my interpreter. My reception by Iranian officials has been extremely courteous and they are observing all formalities customary upon receiving a new Chief of Mission. [Murray.]