The Yugoslav Legation to the Department of State5


The Royal Yugoslav Government has given its very careful consideration to the Memorandum presented by the United States Government on the 15th of December regarding the regulation of trade relations between the two countries.

The Yugoslav Government accepts that any unused amount of the quota of any of the controlled articles in one quarter could be used for import of any of the controlled articles in the following quarters.
The Yugoslav Government accepts to grant a single quota for the import of the controlled articles of which very small amounts were imported from the United States to Yugoslavia and which have been mentioned in the aforesaid Memorandum of the United States Government.
The Yugoslav Government is prepared also to accept to carry over the unused quotas of certain articles for the import of other controlled articles.
With respect to the automobiles, the Yugoslav Government is prepared to accept that the unused quotas allotted for the import of other controlled articles may be used and carried over for the import of automobiles. To increase the import of automobiles this increased quota for the automobile shall be fixed by common agreement.
  1. This undated memorandum was received in the office of Assistant Secretary of State Sayre on February 9, 1938.