871.00/558: Telegram

The Minister in Rumania (Gunther) to the Secretary of State

1. I had an interview with the Prime Minister1 this morning who told me that Rumania was in a state of “intense national resurrection”. Regarding internal reform he said that the anti-Semitic movement was responsive to the wish of the majority of Rumanians. Specifically he intends to divide the Jews into two categories (a) those who are citizens and (b) those who are not. The former will have to prove their citizenship, and the latter must leave the country. Their destination is not a concern of this Government. He will lay the entire matter before the League of Nations.

The citizenship of other nationals will be respected and other powers have nothing to fear as Rumania desires cordial relations with all.

My impression is that the Government is intentionally frightening Jews into leaving the country voluntarily and while strengthening its internal political situation it will proceed with extreme caution in the formulation and execution of any concrete measures. Despatch follows.

  1. Octavian Goga.