811.659 Helium/101: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Wilson)

45. Your No. 179, April 13, 5 p.m. In conformity with the law24 and the regulations, the Department granted on November 23, 1937, an allotment of 17,900,000 cubic feet of helium to the American agents of the German Zeppelin Company and, on January 31, 1938, issued a license to export 2,600,000 cubic feet under the allotment. However, no actual shipment can be made under this license until the helium is purchased from the Government monopoly. The sale of helium is a function vested solely in the Secretary of the Interior25 who, after a conference at the White House on April 19, is reported to have announced—“There are legal and practical questions that have [Page 459]to be resolved before I can express them in a contract.” I cannot determine at this time how many weeks may elapse before the matter is disposed of.

  1. Helium Act of September 1, 1937; 50 Stat. 885.
  2. Harold Ickes.