The French Ambassador (Saint-Quentin) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: By a letter of May 25, 1938, the Department of State was so good as to indicate to me a practical solution for the purpose of giving satisfaction to children born in the United States to agents of the French consular corps on active service in this country in cases where the said children should not wish to keep American nationality.

The Department of State believes that such children cease to be considered American children if, on reaching their majority, they manifest their express desire to renounce American nationality by swearing fidelity to France.

This solution would appear to be satisfactory in principle. Nevertheless, as the formality of the oath of fidelity does not exist in France, my Government has requested me to submit the proposal to Your Excellency that the interested parties be considered as free from American allegience when they shall have made, at the Department of Foreign Affairs at Paris, if they are residing in France, and before the competent Consul, if they are domiciled abroad, a declaration [Page 353]affirming their intention to keep American [French?] nationality only.

This declaration would then be notified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the American authorities, through this Embassy. It would also be necessary to determine its form and my Government would be very glad to receive the suggestions of the American Government with respect to this.

Nevertheless, in case the Department of State deems best to propose another formality intended to take the place of that of the oath of fidelity and one compatible with French legislation, my Government would be entirely disposed to examine it.

Please accept [etc.]

R. de Saint-Quentin