The Department of State to the British Trade Delegation


There are attached:33

(1) The draft text of a proposed agreement, including general provisions and four schedules.

(2) A memorandum of comment upon the draft general provisions.

[Page 28]

Enclosure No. 1 has been set up as a draft text so far as it is practicable to present the proposals in that form at the present time, and it is presented subject to the following comment:

Schedule II:34 The requests cover the entire tariff items indicated by the Newfoundland tariff item numbers. The descriptions of the items, which for the most part are not complete, are given merely for convenience of reference. It is noted that tariff items M–1041 and M–1044 appearing in Schedule II, Part A, and items M–1006, M–1007, M–1014, M–1015, M–1039, M–1042, M–1063 appearing in Schedule II, Part B, are included in the Newfoundland tariff in a schedule of “Special Rates for Approved Manufactures.” It is proposed that the tariff treatment specified in Schedule II for the articles included in the above-mentioned tariff items should in no circumstances be less favorable than that specified.

Schedule IV:35 The descriptions of articles included in this Schedule, as well as the comment set forth in certain places under the column headed “Rate of Duty”, are provided for working purposes. The text of this Schedule is based upon the wording of the tariff schedules published in connection with the public notice36 of intention to negotiate the trade agreement, but is subject to such revisions as may be found appropriate or necessary for customs administrative purposes or for completing the definition or delimitation of the concessions proposed.

With respect to the entire contents of the draft text, it is necessary to make a general reservation to cover errors and omissions which have not yet been detected due to incomplete check. The entire text is being checked, and any necessary changes will be indicated as soon as possible.

  1. Enclosures not printed.
  2. Schedule II pertains only to articles from the United States imported into Newfoundland.
  3. Schedule IV pertains to articles imported into the United States from the United Kingdom.
  4. Department of State, Press Releases, January 8, 1938, p. 45.