Memorandum by the Assistant Adviser on International Economic Affairs (Livesey) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary: Mr. Wayne Taylor has just telephoned (10 a.m.) the attached message received from Secretary Morgenthau. Mr. Taylor said that is the only information he has as to the suggested public statement. He presumes the idea may have fallen through, particularly since Saturday and Monday are holidays in Paris.

Mr. Taylor said that he has no thoughts to communicate to Mr. Morgenthau on this message. He would be glad to receive any suggestions from you.37

F. Livesey

Telegram Received by the Treasury Department From the Secretary of the Treasury, Temporarily in France

I had Butterworth telephone Phillips this evening, Thursday, and tell him that through our Embassy in Paris the French had approached me to obtain a statement denying tripartite stabilization discussions. That I had replied that an individual statement did not seem to me either desirable or wise but that if they felt their circumstances demanded a statement I would be prepared to agree to a joint one to be issued simultaneously in the 3 countries provided its form and substance was acceptable. Phillips was told of the French reply to the effect that they were taking the matter up with the British. Phillips said that this was the first that he had heard of the matter. He expressed appreciation for being given this background information and he did not seem opposed to the issuance of an innocuous statement. He volunteered that the French Fund had had another bad day but no worse than recent ones. Please inform Hull of the contents of this despatch.

  1. Marginal notation: “Nothing further. C[ordell] H[ull]”.