Memorandum of Conversation, by Robert M. Carr of the Division of Trade Agreements

Participants: Department of State: Messrs. Hawkins, Deimel and Carr.
Tariff Commission: Messrs. Fox, Mark Smith and Lane.
British Embassy: Messrs. Chalkley and Leach.

Mr. Hawkins stated that this Government would be prepared to include Newfoundland and the British Colonial Empire in the scope of trade-agreement negotiations with the United Kingdom and to include in the list of products for consideration to be published, products of particular interest to Newfoundland and the Colonies provided that the United Kingdom would be prepared to consider the granting of concessions in Newfoundland and the Colonies on products of particular interest to the United States. Mr. Chalkley replied that he strongly believed that his Government was prepared to proceed on that basis and that he would immediately seek assurances from London to that effect. He stated, however, that it would be desired to cover Newfoundland and the Colonies in the proposed agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom and not to conclude a separate agreement in respect thereof.

Mr. Hawkins stated that he would give Mr. Chalkley as soon as possible, with a view to publication, a list of products on which the United States would consider granting concessions to Newfoundland and the Colonies. It was agreed that if the desired assurances from London were received in time, the announcement of intended negotiations in respect of Newfoundland and the Colonies would be included as a part of the public notice of intention to negotiate a trade agreement with the United Kingdom.