840.48 Refugees/355: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy (Phillips)

57. For Taylor. Your 141, June 13, 10 a.m.

It is our feeling that it would be inadvisable at this time to approach the German Government or to invite Germany to send a representative or observer to the meeting. We are inclined to believe that if it appears desirable to take up with the German Government the matters to which you refer the channel for approach can best be worked out through consultation among the various government representatives at Evian.
As soon as the agenda of the meeting has been finally approved we expect to furnish a copy to the League authorities and to inform them that you are being requested at the opening session of the Intergovernmental Committee to propose that an invitation be extended to Sir Neill Malcolm, League High Commissioner for Refugees, to attend the Committee’s sessions. It seems unnecessary to propose that a similar invitation be extended to the president of the Nansen office inasmuch as Judge Hansson, the head of that office, will attend the Intergovernmental Meeting in the capacity of representative of Norway. We hope to have the agenda approved within the next day or two and copies thereof will be communicated immediately to all participating governments.
Participating governments were informed on May 24th of your appointment and that you would be assisted by necessary technical experts.
Upon your arrival at Paris we suggest that you get in touch with the Embassy, which will place at your disposal such information as it has regarding the meeting.