840.48 Refugees/355: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Phillips) to the Secretary of State

141. Following from Taylor.

“Anticipating meeting in Paris would like information your conclusions whether you have or contemplate before conference advising German authorities through your channels; first, of purpose of conference; second, propriety and wisdom of extending Germany an invitation to be present and/or available through an observer; third, advising League authority of conference and general purpose. Upon [Page 747] study of reports of McDonald group activities,13 juridical surveys, League reports including Nansen and British Palestine Commission reports and others it might appear exodus of possible numbers involved could not be properly handled unless German cooperation effected to systematize over a period of years and to aid financially such as are now qualified to move and have no resources. To gain information relative past activities and to acquire knowledge of present conditions have had here for last week end Norman Bentwich of London refugee group formerly with McDonald Committee enroute from Vienna to London. In view of Pell, Brandt postponed sailing will leave here for Paris Ritz Hotel Monday 20th, assume attending governments have been advised of the number and quality of staffs appointed by the United States of America to attend as aid to their own selection.”

  1. James McDonald was chairman of the American National Committee on Refugees.