840.48 Refugees/315: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Kennedy) to the Secretary of State

472. My 433, May 31 [21], 2 p.m.9 The Foreign Office states that it would appreciate being informed if possible (1) what steps, if any, have been taken regarding organization of the proposed conference at Evian; (2) what definite proposals the United States may have formulated regarding procedure, scope of the work and eventual solution of the problem? Does the United States contemplate the outcome of the conference as a resolution or declaration or recommendations to governments?

The Foreign Office says that it would be most grateful if information along the foregoing lines might be communicated as background for its own preparation for the meeting. The desire was also expressed that it might be furnished with the names of those countries who have signified their intention to send representatives to Evian. It was also stated that it will be helpful to know at what building or location in Evian the conference will take place. This last request it was stated has a bearing on the location of accommodations for delegates and staff.

  1. Not printed.