840.48 Refugees/227: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy (Phillips)

42. Your 105, May 11, 6 p.m. Please inform Mr. Taylor that this Government has suggested to the other governments which have agreed to be represented on the International Committee for refugees that the first meeting of the International Committee be held at Evian on July 6th next. So far, only a few replies have been received.

The Department has considered it preferable to postpone sending Mr. Taylor preliminary information and instructions until after the first meeting of the National Committee for refugees which will be held early next week. At that time it is hoped that a definite program may be agreed upon by the National Committee, and the instructions to be sent to Mr. Taylor will necessarily be contingent in part upon the nature of such program.

The Department has designated Mr. Robert Pell, Divisional Assistant in the Department of State, as assistant to Mr. Taylor. It is [Page 745] believed that Mr. Pell’s special qualifications and particularly his experience in international conferences will make him particularly useful to Mr. Taylor. Mr. George Brandt, Foreign Service Officer, Class III, has also been designated to assist Mr. Taylor because of Mr. Brandt’s special familiarity with immigration questions.

Mr. Pell will attend the meetings next week of the National Committee and soon thereafter will sail for Europe to confer with Mr. Taylor. He will take with him at such time the final instructions to be given to Mr. Taylor together with detailed information as to the work of the National Committee and as to the views of the Department with regard to the work to be undertaken by the International Committee.

When he called at the Department before sailing, Mr. Taylor indicated his desire that he be permitted to select one of his assistants from outside the Foreign Service. Please inquire of Mr. Taylor whether he has reached any conclusions as to his recommendations in this regard and inform the Department of his reply.