812.52/2170: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Guaymas (Yepis) to the Secretary of State

Governor Yocupicio informed me yesterday in part that President Cardenas would be in Sonora about May 20 at which time the latter might decide the Yaqui Valley agrarian problem possibly by postponing it until the completion of the Angostura Dam if he should decide to accept the proposal of the American landowners, which acceptance, however, he could not assure. The Governor suggested that all the landowners of the area should organize immediately and start fund mentioned in the proposal of the Americans out of the bumper wheat crop which is about to be harvested, thereby demonstrating to the President immediately upon arrival in the area, through concrete action already taken, their willingness and ability to cooperate with the Government in the matter, adding that fund so collected can be returned to the contributors by their own committee if the President refuses the question and proceed with the division of the valley under the agrarian code. Please instruct me by telegraph if I may advise the Americans involved, informally and without responsibility, of my conversation with the Governor and possibly even suggest compliance. Embassy not informed.