893.00/13928: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

30. My 28, January 16, 7 [6] p.m. Chinese Government has arranged with Eurasia Corporation to send plane to Sian via Loyang to evacuate foreigners to Loyang. A representative of the Foreign Office is on plane and will have the cooperation of British Embassy representative Captain Ronald Scott who is in Sian and of Captain Barrett who will board plane at Loyang. I have sent Paxton13 on the plane to Loyang to cooperate with the British Military Attaché there. Unless unforeseen obstacles are met with, about 62 foreigners including 12 American citizens should be in Loyang January 19, [Page 556] 8 p.m. Plane left Nanking 11 this morning and is expected to arrive Sian about 5 this afternoon. Secrecy no longer imposed by the Foreign Office.

  1. J. Hall Paxton, Second Secretary of Embassy in China at Nanking.