394.115 Panay/31: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

1145. Confirming previous messages, Japanese Consul General informs me in writing that following steps have been taken in connection with the Panay incident:

1. Japanese Military Attaché’s office asked the Military Headquarters to take immediate measures in order to cease firing of the Japanese troops in and around Hohsien in the vicinity of where the American citizens are.

2. Instructions to cease firing were also conveyed by a naval plane to the Japanese troops in and around Hohsien by dropping a communication ball containing the message.

3. Japanese gunboat Hozu which is not very far from Nanking was ordered immediately to proceed to the rescue of the American citizens. Japanese naval authorities have also informed him that a naval flying boat of a large type will be sent to Hohsien early tomorrow morning for rescue purpose carrying a doctor, nurse and necessary medical supplies.

Japanese authorities have been informed of the mission of British gunboat Bee and American gunboat Oahu.

Sent to Hankow, repeated to Department and Peiping.