394.115 Panay/19: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

36. I have just received following message from American Consul, Shanghai:

“December 13th. Japanese Ambassador has requested me to transmit the following message to you:

‘I have to express my most profound regrets over the extremely unfortunate incident that has happened to the U. S. S. Panay involving the members of your Embassy staff and your citizens as well as the officers and crew of the ship’.”

I am making following reply:

“Please communicate following to Japanese Ambassador:

‘I thank you for your message. Word from Mr. Atcheson this afternoon reported survivors in Hohsien in danger presumably from attacking Japanese forces. H. M. S. Bee now off Hohsien may have difficulty making contact with survivors. I hope you will do what you can to facilitate errand of H. M. S. Bee which has gone to the rescue’.”