393.115 President Hoover/24: Telegram

The Consul at Kobe (Scott) to the Secretary of State

The following is condensed substance of sworn statements made by master and first officer of the President Hoover on August 30, 5:10 p.m. Without warning three planes of a light bomber type with apparently two white stripes under each wingend dropped eight bombs on and near the vessel. One bomb landed on port deck going through deck and shattering everything in way. Another bomb exploded near ship’s side scattering fragments as far as bridge and puncturing side in many places. Seven members of the crew were wounded, one fatally, one seriously and five slightly.

Shortly before the bombing two Japanese planes flew near the ship apparently headed toward the Saddle Islands; the nearest Japanese ship to the Hoover was a destroyer 5 miles away. The bombing was apparently done by Chinese planes for no understandable reason since character of the vessel was clearly visible and large American flag nailed on upper deck. Passengers and crew both displayed good discipline. Injuries to passengers negligible. Officers statements follow by mail.38

Repeated to Tokyo.

  1. Not printed.