793.94 Conference/230: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation (Davis) to the Secretary of State

31. The draft declaration referred to in my 30, November 13, 4 p.m. was submitted to the Conference this afternoon. After considerable discussion participated in by practically all of the delegates [Page 183] and after numerous amendments it was accepted (except by Italy) although final passage was delayed until Monday at the request of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark which asked for time to consult their Governments. Italy argued in favor of delay before passing the declaration but gained no support largely because Aldrovandi declared that Italy would probably in any event refrain from accepting it either in whole or in part.

Two points only in connection with the declaration seem to require comment:

(1st). Due to widespread opposition to specifically expressing the hope that Japan would still see fit to accept the tender of good offices it was necessary to accept the modified form found at the beginning of the last paragraph; and (2d) the last paragraph should be read in the light of our decision to adopt a further declaration of common attitude before taking a recess either the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.

Text follows. [Here follows text; for declaration adopted November 15, see Foreign Relations, Japan, 1931–1941, volume I, page 410.]