793.94 Conference/229: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation (Davis) to the Secretary of State

30. My telegram No. 26, November 11, noon. In the light of the uncompromising nature of the Japanese reply the plans we had been discussing for further procedure have been somewhat altered.

After considerable discussion among Eden, Delbos, Spaak and the heads of some other delegations we all decided that the more promptly the Conference recorded its views and stated fully its position in the face of the Japanese note the more effective it would be. Instead of sending another communication to Japan, which would call for an answer and invite another rebuff, it was decided to present for the consideration of the Conference a resolution which inter alia controverted the Japanese arguments; reasserted the opinion of the Conference that the conflict is of direct concern and interest not only to the participants but to the entire world; contained an open offer of good offices to explore with the two parties to the conflict all peaceful methods by which the settlement of the dispute within the framework of the Treaty might be achieved; and finally reserved the position of the powers to consider further action.

A draft which was prepared by representatives of the principal delegations in collaboration with the Chairman of the Conference was circulated at the close of this morning’s meeting and consideration thereof will start this afternoon.

As at present planned there will be an adjournment of the Conference either tonight or Monday evening until the end of next week. During that time the delegates will consult their Governments as to the most appropriate and effective ways and means of closing the present session of the full Conference at which time a more comprehensive resolution will be presented and the conditions for a recess will be determined.